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How to recover hacked Facebook account

How to recover hacked Facebook account

Over the years, Facebook has become synonymous with our everyday life. The security level of Facebook has increased over the years and every day they are trying to add new layers to protect millions of users.

Being the most popular social media site among all, Facebook always tries to give its users a hassle-free experience. But, there is a certain section of people who always try to hack the account of the users. Self-protection is the key here with complex passwords that need to be changed at frequent intervals. But, still, it has been observed that several accounts have been hacked.

Let’s check how to recover hacked Facebook account so that a user can browse the same as before.

Process #1 – Password Reset from Mobile

Open the Facebook app on your mobile and go to the login page. Here you will find an option of Forget Password? Enter your email id or phone number by which you signed up for your Facebook account. Facebook will ask for a confirmation code sent to either your registered phone or to the specified e-mail id as mentioned by you.

This is part of the recovery method of your account and you must be very careful in these steps. Depending on your chosen option, a code will be sent to either the mobile number or in the mailbox. Once the code is entered, you will be asked either to keep logged in or log out from other devices. If your account is hacked or your phone is stolen, it is ideal to choose the second option of “Log me out of other Devices”.

A new password will be asked to enter and you can give a combination of at least six numbers, letters, and punctuation marks to make the password strong. This will reset your earlier password with this new one and you can check by logging into the Facebook app using your new credentials.

This is the best way to recover your hacked Facebook account using your mobile device.

Process #2 – Reset the Password on Desktop

The process of resetting the password in desktop mode is also similar to the mobile application. You have to enter into the log-in area where the “Forgot Password” option will be available. In the password reset area, apart from the email and SMS option, you will additionally get the privilege of accessing your Google account. Using any of the three methods, you can fetch the code needed for password recovery. Once you receive the code, the password recovery process is the same as before. You have to give a complex password and need to log out from any other device for security reasons.

Process #3 – Reporting to Facebook regarding the Hacked Account

Facebook gives you the option to report such incidence directly to them also. You have to open Facebook’s hacked account page to report about the incident by clicking on the “My Account Is Compromised” button. It will ask you to provide your e-mail id and phone number for searching. To get back into your account, you can enter the last password you used to log in.

After that, you need to select the valid reason for not accessing your Facebook account from a list of options like “I’ve found some posts not done by me” or “Someone else entered into my account without permission”, etc. Choose the right one and proceed to find Facebook is guiding you to keep your account secured by changing the password, check the recent changes that happened in your profile/page, and look into the comments made since your account is hacked. Enter a new password, change necessary things and browse Facebook like before.

Recovering hacked Facebook account is not an impossible task, but the time lost in the entire process starting from hacking of your credential to the password reset, can trigger further damage on several fronts.

For that, first of all, one must take utmost care of the password he is using. Make it complex, alphanumeric, and if possible, add some special characters also. Change the password frequently and don’t add any friend whose profile you feel suspicious. Still, if your profile is hacked, you can check the below-mentioned things:

Act Immediately

Once you sense that your profile is hacked, don’t waste a single second. Immediately take your phone or laptop and initiate the process.

Password Recovery

Password recovery is the most important task in the entire process. It is always ideal to give a new complex password once you are recovering an account

Report your Hacked Account to Facebook

Facebook has all the options to inform them about any such hacking incident. They take utmost care in securing the user data and you can trust them at any cost.

Use Trusted Contacts to Change Facebook Login

In some cases, you can use your trusted e-mail contacts to change the Facebook Login if the other options are not working due to any reasons.

Two Factor Authentication

If you have lost your mobile from where you used Facebook and two-factor authentication has also been set in that phone, then it is better to bypass the process for the time being so that you can recover your hacked Facebook account.

Using Facebook Recovery Links

Facebook recovery links are of good help. You can go ahead step by step to find the best result. Hope you will be able to take control of your account as before.

Delete your Facebook Account

This is the last and ultimate way to get rid of your hacked account. If by applying all means, you are not able to recover your hacked Facebook account, then it is better to delete the account and create a new one.


By following all of the above processes, it is very easy to recover your hacked Facebook account. You just need some time to follow simple steps and finally, you will find your Facebook profile back to its original shape. Keep changing the password with complex characters and keep the hackers at bay from your account.

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