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You know what real peace of mind looks like, it’s when you find that all your data and privacy are kept safe. As technology is getting growing each day, the hacking methods are evolving and getting improved each day by the hackers. So you need to make sure that you keep your phone safe from hackers to stay away from new hacks.

How to protect your phone from getting hacked?

The most essential thing to do is to keep your phone safe from hackers, or else you will lose all your privacy and data to the hackers. Also, in this digital world, it would be difficult to find the hacker who has hacked your phone.

In recent times, all the important apps such as mail, banking, and other essential apps are linked to mobile devices. So, if a hacker gets access to your mobile phone, then the doors to all the apps will get open for cyber theft.

During the phone hacking, a person will force access into your phone and this may even lead to breaching of the advanced security systems. The phone-hacking can be done for both the type of phones such as Android or iPhones. So, it would be better to keep your phone safe from hackers as anyone can be vulnerable to your device.

Techniques used to hack your phone:

The hacking of mobile devices is getting increased day by day, so we need to take preventive measures to prevent and spread further damage.

But before that, you need to be aware of the techniques used to hack a mobile device.

  • Cracking passwords

This is one of the most common methods to hack a mobile and it can be done in a shorter time where the hacker will be trying to hack the passwords by combining the numbers and alphabets.

  • Phishing attacks

Through email, the hacker will be targeting to get the sensitive information and the scammers will be present themselves in the most trusted form.

  • Bait and switch

It is a kind of malicious sale, where the customers will be attracted to get the product at very low rates. Through retail sale fraud, data can be hacked.

  • Keystroke logging

Here, the keys will be recorded that are on the keyboard, and using this method the data can be retrieved.

  • DoS

Denial-of-service or DoS will shut down the system so that the user can’t able to access it. The system will result in huge traffic leading to crash.

  • ClickJacking

In this, the hacker will trick the user to click on something but they didn’t wish to click, and result in stealing their data.


  • Fake WAP

Fake Wireless Access Point (WAP) is a technique in which a hacker will place a wireless router in the public leading to hacking the device.

How to know if someone is hacking your phone?

  • The malware or fraudulent apps in the device will draw a lot of power leading your phone to lose charge quickly
  • Your phone will get slow down as it will give all the access to the hacker
  • You will start noticing some strange activity on your social accounts
  • To steal your personal information you will start getting unfamiliar calls or texts

7 best tips to save your phone from hacking:

  1. Careful while you install something

While installing a phone app, it will be asked to grant permission to various things such as a camera, or microphone. Before giving any approval to them, you need to go through all those things. There is a lot of malicious apps found in the app store, so don’t install any apps from an unfamiliar website.

  1. Avoid using public Wi-Fi

This is one of the common ways for hackers to eavesdrop or steal your data if your devices are connected with any public Wi-Fi. So, if you are using public Wi-Fi make sure that you are not providing any sensitive or confidential information. If you are using the Virtual Private Network or VPN then it will reduce the risk.

  1. Lock individual apps

This is a kind of building a second line of defense to your phone, as you need to lock every individual app. It will prevent the thief or hackers from getting into apps like banking or email apps and reduce the amount of information a thief can get access to.


  1. Get rid of old apps

We all have this habit, where we will be installing an app and use it for few days, and then we will forget about it. Deleting such kinds of apps or old apps would be a better idea as sometimes it will lead to data breaches and vulnerabilities.

  1. Configure the Bluetooth setting properly

In Bluetooth settings, you need to make sure whether your device is in “Non-Discoverable” mode. If it is discoverable then hackers can easily get into your device, so it should stay in switch-off when it is not in use.

  1. Keep updating your system

In your mobile device, you can find a lot of operating systems and other secured apps that require a lot of updates and patching. You need to update them as soon as possible or else they will have a huge impact on the device security system.

  1. Install some security software

There are lots of anti-virus software and anti-malware tools are available and you can install them on your phone to protect your mobile device from hackers. It not only detects or removes the malware but it will warn you when you visit any bad site or install any malicious app. Even it will scan and notify every app which is downloading in your system.

Bottom Line:

You know what; most fraudulent transactions are taking place mobile-only, so we must keep your phone safe from hackers. This article will help you as hacking a phone can result in a lot of damages. Sometimes they can even sell your information to other cybercriminals and it will get worse more.

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