Message From The Chairman

I founded this company after working in security industry for eleven years and then I started this company to serve customers from around the world at affordable prices. In the initial days it was a one man operation but after 7 years we now have 46 employees out of which 7 employees are for customer care and rest are all hackers who excel in their respective fields and are the best of the best, hand picked from across the world.

We are Hire a Cyber Expert believe in complete customer satisfaction and that is the reason our customers do not shop around once they hire us, they keep coming back with more business which saves us a lot of advertising expense. You must have already realised that we do not do any paid advertising and this is thanks to steady flow of repeat business. We also offer a full refund if a customer is unhappy with the results, no questions asked. Do give us a chance to serve you and I promise you will not be disappointed.

Robert Darwin